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Big Law Business Special Report:
Tech Change Drives New Legal Strategies

The scope of effects from AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity is just starting to come into focus in the legal field. This issue considers how the changing legal, regulatory, and privacy landscape is forcing organizations to shift their strategy and operations.

Coming Up in This Issue:

  • How Emerging Tech Shapes Litigation: Collaboration Is Changing Custodian-Driven Data Collection
    Collaborative work environments are becoming the norm, and the legal industry is no exception. When a firm responds to a litigation hold, where does it turn if there are no longer recognized custodians?
  • Critical Wrinkles of the New European Privacy Law: AI Strategy Needs Close Watching for GDPR Compliance
    Though the EU’s first big data privacy law in 23 years is now in force, there’s little consensus on the GDPR. This includes the definition of personal data and use of artificial intelligence.
  • Automation Opens Up Legal, Data Issues: Self-Driving Vehicles Challenge Liability Assessment
    New technology complicates determining liability, as assigning human error is only one part of the equation. The possibility of vehicle error adds a new product liability wrinkle to the picture.
  • Impact of SEC Cybersecurity Rules on Companies: New Guidance Stresses Board’s Role
    In 2018, the SEC issued guidance on cybersecurity risks and incidents. The commission statement builds on and expands the staff guidance issued in 2011, but there are key differences.
  • AI Poses New Ethics Issues for Companies: Who’s to Blame When a Robot Makes the Decisions?
    AI’s growing capability raises legal and ethical issues of having machines, rather than people, make decisions. It raises the question of who is responsible when a decision goes awry.

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